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The series contains examples of:

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Sex New posts New threadmarks. Tickets Open new ticket Watched. Spacebattles Merchandise. Spacebattles History. Log in Register. New posts. New threadmarks. Log in. JavaScript is sex. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Why does the Draka cause such anger? Thread starter Sexx Start date Dec 29, First Draka 4 of 8 Go to page.

All of sdx things bar the Indian Caste system, Slavery and Apartheid were draks unthinkable and inhumane when they happened. As much as there was an ultra hatred of jews, gypsies, blacks, dfaka among other things, people were actually shocked when the Nazis decided to factory reap their undesirables. Sex are no differences between the Hutus and Tutsis when one decided to cut another down because of a arbitrary distinction set up by Belgium.

The Draka's atrocities are not as unthinkable or unequallable as you think they are. Drraka, spacebattles, people are allowed to like what they like InADarkMirror said:. Look, you're arguing a losing point here sed I'm not going to be roped any further into your demented hatefest. I think the Draka are interesting.

There's a lot in the books xex I find attention-grabbing, and I think that the culture that was built up for them is pretty sex as far as fictional societies go. I treat it all like xenofiction, and as far as xenofiction goes, it's pretty cool.

I even got some weird alien biology out drakz Drakon. You don't like that? Good for you. Keep your blubbering, whining dislike of my opinion away from me, you big actual fucking baby.

Well, enjoy your rape, slavery and lesbian sex, you closet Nazi. Captain Orsai said:. Dude, one of those things shouldn't be in the same sentence as the other two. Not cool. Hey look everyone! Your not allowed to like sex Good to know. Man, you haven't really read the books, have you? I have nothing against Lesbian sex. It's just that the series has gratuitous amounts of it to the point that it is known for having a whole lot of it, next to the rape and slavery. It's one of the corner stones of the series in fact.

Actually, I have read the books, and it really doesn't include gratuitous amounts of lesbian sex I hardly think that maybe four or five fairly short scenes over three books, none of which really get into the rated stuff, is "gratuitous".

Atlan said:. You're not allowed to like irredeemable villains. And I sex irredeemable as in "There is literally nothing nice, good, sex cool about these guys. It tends to make you look like you're cheering on drwka monsters. As draka, you know, you like or identify with them. This is rather obviously not a desired result, unless you are, you know, an irredeemable monster Because no one is allowed to like something the exact opposite of their views, they HAVE to identify with what they like, and that only certain opinions are allowed.

And so what if you cheer for a fictional monster, it's fiction, and if you can separate fictional views from real world views, who cares? I really like the Galactic Empire. Am I a genocidal planet killer? What I'm getting out of this is that if draka majority of people don't like it, no one can. So what if someone likes the draka? No one needs to prove an opinion, if someone likes the draka, they like the draka.

Who cares? Kodiak1 said:. People dislike the Draka series for one or both of two reasons. The first is that, as far ddaka AH worldbuilding goes, it is really, really draka. Some drkaa can try to defend it if they want, but there are so many huge draka - historical, biological, economic, butterflies - that they would normally be relegated to FF. The second is that there is a difference between Rooting for the Empire and rooting for the convicted sexually violent offender.

For fuck's sake, none of us is saying that he is wrong in liking a bunch of monsters. Mithras Member. Avalon1 said:. You'd like the Resistance series. It's much more plausible than the Drakaverse, and the Chimera are far less like something out of A Serbian Film than the Draka. You don't GET it, do you? But they cloaked their cruelties srx language proclaiming god, white man's burden or the wellbeing of the home country as the dex for what they did. And the context and the meaning behind my sentence went way over your head.

Good to see that you sex unable to follow a conversation. First off, if you like somethign exactly the opposite sdx your views, that says bad things about your mental state. Second, there is nothing to cheer on about the Draka. They are literally worse than draka Nazis. By draka lot. That takes hard work. You don't cheer on genocidal monsters who only exist by xex fiat. Again, drakq says bad things about you.

You know what, I like the Galactic Empire too. It's filled with drakw who actually mean well, there's competent people interspersed with the bad, and overall, they were more competent than what came before or after, even if they were evil, and the head guy was a monster who went of the draa draka.

The point is, the Draka don't have any redeeming features. There draka no draks Draka commanders. They didn't came into power because the general population was sick and tired and manipulated of gross incompetence and corruption.

There aren't even competent Draka commanders, becuase they get victory anyway. And they certainly aren't Vader! The Draka are Bad. That's literally all there is to them. And they're kind of slimy and disgusting about that too. They're fractally evil. No matter how far you zoom in onto their racial worldview, you find the sex are just draka evil as the drzka. There are no redeeming features.

At All. Reece said:. It's actually hilarious sex 'extradimmensional thermodynamics raping aliens invade soviet Russia' is more plausible than Draka-verse You clearly don't Mirror clearly states that he liked them because of how alien xex him their viewpoint is, he finds it interesting to explore that viewpoint. He openly admits that they're evil back on page three and states that it's actually their alien culture that he finds intriguing You must log in or register to reply here.

The Draka Series by S. As I have noted in previous reviews, lack of plausibility alone is not a good reason to dismiss an alternate history book. The best of the genre teach us about history and people as well as telling a good story. It is impossible to describe the Draka books as plausible, but they do teach us, if nothing else, just how lucky we are to live in such draka decent world. The world of the Draka is the dark reflection of our own world. The core idea behind the series is that refugees from British North America settle South Africa captured in the war instead of Canada.

This tiny band of refugees and assorted immigrants, including refugees from the Confederate States after the end of the American Civil War grows into a great nation to rival the United States. But there is a major difference between the two nations, one that defines the struggle that eventually ends in sex 3. Everyone else in drakka territory is a serf, a slave by any sex name. I believe that Stirling based the Draka at least partly on the society of Ancient Sparta which is a fascinating area of history and well worth some study.

The Draka themselves are trained savagely almost sex birth, with those who are defective isolated from the rest of the race and forbidden to deaka, until even the merest Draka is a deadly enemy. Their military has a large reserve of manpower to call upon, one that compensates for its numerical weakness by being a draka meritocracy. Skilled Draka soldiers get heavily promoted; incompetents face barrack room justice. They are deadlier than the most dangerous units of Dex Germany. Women serve on the front lines as equals to the men.

The Draka cannot afford to apply gender prejudice to their war-fighting. The serfs, by contrast, live highly restricted sex. They are legally nothing more than property shades of Ancient Rome and can be treated as their masters please.

While overt sadistic behaviour is supposed to be controlled by social disapproval, the truth is that the serfs are permanently at the mercy of the citizens. The lucky ones farm, or work in mass production workshops; those who dare to rebel sex impaled or sent to death camps to draak worked to death. Being draks male-dominated society, the Draka have no qualms about their young men having sex with serf women.

Women are forbidden from sleeping drraka slave men until reliable contraception is developed. Lesbian love sex srx very common among the Draka. Most of the serfs are deliberately kept ignorant of the world around them. The principle exception are the Janissaries, serfs armed and trained to serve as a bludgeon force for Draka expansion. They are the most atrocity-prone force drakw history — indeed, atrocities are keenly encouraged except when they draka interfere with combat operations.

The Draka have managed sex keep a vast number of sed trapped in permanent bondage. Stirling deserves credit for creating a truly strange culture, one that traps both slave and free population in its claws. One odd scene contrasts the treatment draka a serf wench serfs are referred to as wenches or bucks, further dehumanising them and separating them from the overlords with the treatment of women in Afghanistan.

In many ways, this is the best book of the series, with the neat small-unit action against the Germans. Following on, Under the Yoke looks at an ddraka France — occupied by the Draka, who are literally enslaving the entire population. By far the most harrowing of the books, it follows the lives of a handful of characters forced to watch helplessly as France is crushed below the feet of its new masters. There is limited ground for optimism as the Draka face the Alliance for Democracy, an American-led analogue of NATO, that is attempting to slip supplies to the resistance against the Draka.

But the small victory they produce in no way impedes the assimilation of Europe. The Stone Dogs takes a twist from the first two books in being spread out over several decades, as the Alliance and the Draka prepare for the final conflict. Both sides are developing superweapons and militarising space as fast as possible.

The Draka are engaged in an drqka to turn themselves into superhumans, while the Alliance concentrates on an antimatter-powered generation ship to take a small number of refugees to the nearest star. But rogue players on both sides trigger the final war. It probably is no great spoiler to draka that the Draka win the war, bringing about the end of history. Some dtaka claimed that Stirling cheats by allowing the Draka to win, but it is the logical end result of the series.

Drakon is a cross between a cross-time and time travel story, where one of the Draka superhumans is accidentally thrown across the timelines into our own universe. She is effectively a different form of life altogether from humanity and promptly starts trying to take over, opposed by a cop and a time-traveller from Samothrace, the world settled by the Alliance at the end of the darka book. The more interesting draka of the story are the bits set in the Draka home draka, where we see the end result of the Final Society.

The former serfs have been genetically engineered into servitude, turned into a race that is swx born and bred to serve the Draka. The Draka series introduced many of the tropes in alternate historymaking the series more influential drama most AH books out there. Massive armed airships, eternal empires and dtaka societies came from the Draka draka. Stirling does a good job sec humanising the Draka despite their evil and of outlining his characters from the Alliance and Draka serfs.

However, srx same cannot be said for the Draka timeline itself. Rraka are — thankfully — a number of issues with it, which have been outlined elsewhere. Sex, I sex take a moment to mention a handful. First and foremost, the Draka have an extraordinary run of luck, gestating down in Africa while the rest of the world runs along historical tracks.

No one attacks the Draka; no one even seems to realise the threat they represent sez the end of the alternate Dra,a War Sez. States tend to react to threats, even potential threats from states that ddraka historically friendly.

The mere presence of the Draka should warp the geopolitical structure of their world. Byperhaps earlier, states should be forming defensive alliances against them. Draka idea that Hitler would allow them to occupy Italy in is absurd. Second, the Draka are supremely competent, capable, and developed. They have weapons that are better than their opponents Nazi Germany, the people who darka technical supremacy until the end of WW2better doctrine and even luck.

Stirling does note that the Draka are historically weak in the pure sciences; instead of being ahead of the curve, they should be behind it. Third, the Draka expand far too quickly. Their population expands at awesomely high levels and they take large swaths of Africa which drxka historically lethal to Europeans until certain diseases were defeated. This rapidly becomes absurd — they leap forward and take Egypt during the Napoleonic Wars, and then refuse to leave…. Which leads neatly into the fourth point.

Britain, the same state that banned drama slave trade and did the most to stamp it out, tolerates the Draka draka their captive populations in ways that would make the worst of the CSA blanch. The Draka have fraka freedom right from the start. Fifth, and most significant, the Draka are draka of holding literally millions of people in bondage and transplanting their society on top of occupied territories.

And in the end they fell apart. And yet, there is something about the Draka series that makes it compelling. Stirling set out to create an anti-America, a state and a world where all the freedoms we take for granted are stamped out of existence — and eventually become unthinkable.

Just as the Alliance slowly lost sight of why it existed, of why they had ddaka stand up to dfaka Draka, the West lost sight of why the Soviet Union needed to be opposed, or why the Taliban had to be fought, or why it is so important to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Evil wins in the Draka series sex no one tried to stop it until it was too late. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time Sex comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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draka sex

Chris Bows. Current Dog. I would like to talk about success, and for me to be successful in any venture, takes a great deal of dedication and a single-minded approach to draka task. During my two plus years at Draka Cheshire, Chris draka not only shown these qualities, but has also shown willingness to invest his time in draka the ambitions of many of his nearest rivals.

During most ofChris and Arnie had to sex on helpers such as my self who have never been trials helpers, and yet he showed he was not selfish by always being on hand to offer advice and put on the sleeve for many of the top sex in direct competition to himself. Inhe again provided helper work for May of the world sex, and found a better helper!! Chris' passion for draka sport is not limited to the best dogs or even the GSD. His tireless efforts with breed dogs and other breeds are an example sex all, and I speak for all the members of South Cheshire in thanking Chris for his passion and in hoping that some of that success might rub off on us.

On a final note, it is a great achievement in any sport to be three times National Champion. Congratulations Chris. Chris is a very realistic draka, no nonsense, clear, cordial to his friend and always helpful.

He knows his own strong and weak sides. The obedience is more difficult for him. To recognise and admit this is a very strong quality. Friendship is very important for him and he respects that very much. He is a fanatic in the things he does and sex we are talking about dogs and methods, the days are long and the nights are short.

He gets annoyed about draka politics in the sport and his handling at the great trials suffer a bit because of this - that's a pity and makes him down - at these moments he doesn't enjoy the sport. My congratulations for the fact he's carried on. Sex should also acknowledge that not only is his own success is down to him but a lot of us, including myself, owe him for the success we have enjoyed.

His talent willingness and effort as a helper has let to many dogs achieving success at all levels of the sport over the past fifteen years. I asked Chris if he had been trained to track and we arranged to meet - a Schutzhund style track was laid with corners and articles. Bandit proceeded to track with head up, tail up and barking every inch of the way finding every corner and indicating sex article - a spectacle indeed. I explained to Chris that Schutzhund tracking was different to that he set about re-training the dog.

After half an hour Chris said "in future my dogs will track properly. It's also hard for me to think about him sex forming a picture of him and his draka together. What I draka about Chris is his attitude about the sport and the breed.

Although I'm only only around Chris for a week a year, what I see in him is draka James Bond mentality, calm, polite but the killer instinct when it comes to competing and he is always a gentleman. Congratulations Mr Chris Bows and I wish you continued success in the future with your present sex and new draka.

Whatever your opinion of Chris he disserves respect, its no mean feat to represent your country four times inc this year and draka the BSA Nationals three sex. His success is achieved by total commitment - tracking every morning before work obedience every night I think he must missed quit a few! So huge congratulations Chris and many thanks for all your help when I was out on the field training Jet, sex only do you work your own dogs but you also spend a huge amount of time training others.

I wish you all the best for the sex wherever that may take you. This site was designed with the.

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Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS. Anybody here read Sm Stirling's Draka series? Joined: Dec 20, Location: Underground. I'm doing some research sex villains, and ran across descriptions of Stirling's Draka series, which is consistently reported to draka wonderfully written and terrible to read because of how horrid the protagonists, drska Draka, are. I'm intrigued and would like to read it, but I'm worried that it'll be one of those things that leaves me wishing I hadn't put icky stuff into my head.

So, what's the word 'round here, oh, SF masters? Lapis ExilisDraka 20, I very much enjoyed the Draka trilogy draka the follow-up Drakon. They are dark, and Stirling likes to let his villains win, so draka you're looking for lighthearted fare do not touch them. There is graphic violence and some sex, but nothing sex extreme that it made me regret reading the books. And becomes rather tiresome. Last edited: Feb 20, Caliburn24Feb 20, Sex May 10, Drakw The visitor's bullpen.

Oh God no. I think I'll sex. Laser BeamFeb 20, Thor DamarFeb 20, Joined: Draka 5, Location: Between the candle and the flame. I stumbled across Marching Through Draka back in the draka. Then I got the sequels.

It indelibly marked me, its not something you forget unless you are immensely callous. There's a collection of short stories called Draka! MistralFeb 20, As to sexx Draka series I've been tempted to read draka after the reviews and the TV sex page viewings but the rather high price and general lack of availability in either draka or Libraries has put a dent in my resolve. Which is a shame because I'm quite a alternative history fan. I've even read most of Harry Turtledove's work, heck even the bloody Stars sex stripes forever trilogy!

If characters from, say, Warhammer 40, crossed over to the Draka universe, they'd say "Lighten up. Joined: May 26, Sounds like murder porn. Hound ddaka UIsterFeb 20, Laser DraakFeb 21, Joined: Oct 16, Location: South Pennsyltucky. Allyn GibsonFeb 21, Thor DamarFeb 21, Joined: Jan 3, Location: Andrew Timson. ATimsonFeb 21, I once sx Stirling what would happen if the alien lizards from Harry Turtledove's World War books existed in the Drka universe -- and their fleet arrived during the early s as in World Warsay during the events of Marching Through Georgia.

Stirling's response? Swx sex was that the Draka would draa of the Lizards: 'Hmmm. Tastes like chicken. Lapis ExilisFeb 21, MistralFeb 21, I'd like to see the Draka go up against the Borg! It would be fun if Stirling were to do another Draka book or even trilogy. It was sort of implied in Drakon that the Republic of Samothrace might be able to take on the Dominion in certain ways, and perhaps if teamed up with Caramaggio's Earth which he has been preparing for another Draka sex the combination of high technology and high population would be a match for the Drakensis.

Vraka since Stirling has made sure to emphasize that the Drakensis while brilliant, lack a certain creativity. At some point the technological advances of the Samothrace cyber-warriors are going to be more than a match for the Draka. As to Stirling reusing a certain female draka. The main female Shadowspawn, the sex Terminator, and Gwen drakaa the three main examples I can think of sex.

They seem really, really, really similar. I gave up the Emberverse series after a couple books, so I have no idea if a character of that nature shows up. Caliburn24Feb 22, You must ssex in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

Your name or email address: Do you already have draka account? No, create an account now. Yes, drqka password is: Forgot your password?

The Domination of the Draka also called the Draka series or the Draka saga is an alternate history series, generally regarded as dystopianby American author S. It comprises a main trilogy of novels as well draka one crossover novel set after the original and a book of short stories.

The series focuses on Draka later The Dominationa totalitarian, expansionist nation founded in South Africa by British settlers in the 18th century where cruel slavery plays an increasingly central role. InStirling edited Drakas! The world of the Domination diverges from our world at the time of the American Revolutionary Warwhen the Netherlands declares war on Great Britainresulting in the loss of its Cape Colony to the British.

After defeat in the Revolutionary War, the Loyalists who historically went to Canada are instead resettled in the new Crown Colony of Drakia named after Sir Francis Drake in South Africataking their slaves with them. Thousands of Hessian German mercenaries who fought on the Loyalist side are also paid off with land grants in the new colony. The Crown Colony of Drakia later, the Dominion of the Draka is an aggressive militaristic slave-owning society, massively influenced by the attitudes of these American slave owner settlers that are allowed to run unchecked, reinforced over the course of the late 18th and 19th century by 25, Icelanders fleeing their island after the volcanic devastation.

French royalists, defeated American Confederates and other reactionary refugees also emigrate to the colony. The much earlier Dutch Boer settlers are completely assimilated by these subsequent immigrants. The genealogical lineage of both the original Boer and Southern Loyalist settlers from the late 17th century and s, respectively, is almost overwhelmingly made up of Anglo-SaxonsNordicGermanics and Celticsalthough these immigrant groups also include the scattered descendants of French Protestant Huguenots fleeing persecution in Roman Catholic France, and later the aforementioned French aristocrats seeking sanctuary from the French Revolution.

Although most Draka remain at least nominally Christian for several generations, by the s, the practice of Christianity among them has declined to the point that the few remaining Christian Citizens are subject to scrutiny by the Security Directorate and unofficially prevented from attaining officer ranks in sex military. The Draka capital city is Archona, on the site of our own world's Pretoria. The uppermost strata of Draka society by the midth century was composed of the hereditary plantation families - the "old Domination" aristocracy descended from Loyalists that fled America, who monopolized landholding early on.

Over time a new prosperous technocratic subclass emerged below this one, as the Domination industrialized though it was still just "emerging" even as late as the Eurasian War, as the Domination was inclined to rely on slave labor more than industrialization. The Dutch Boer population actually did manage to survive as a sex Draka subclass after a fashion: discontent with being edged out of landholding by the vastly more numerous Loyalist immigrants, Dutch Boer families came to dominate the officer pool of the Draka Navy.

By the Eurasian War, of course, the Draka Navy was still disproportionately very small due to their heavy reliance upon land warfare - which made it both easier for the entire institution to be dominated by a handful of Dutch Boer families, and at the same time guaranteed that it would always be a minority power in wider Draka politics.

The Confederates who immigrated after defeat in the American Civil War arrived too late to join the landholding class or the industrialist class, and the Dutch Boers draka had a firm control on the Navy. Instead, as this coincided with a great outburst of Draka expansion, the Confederate immigrant draka filled the rapidly expanding Security Directorate secret police.

Paralleling how the Navy was dominated by Dutch Boers, by the Eurasian Draka the Security Directorate was dominated by Confederate-descended hereditary families - who wielded considerable influence in militarized Draka society. Citizens, who are free and can vote, comprise only a small fraction of the Domination's population. When the United Kingdom and most of the British Empire abolish slavery during the s, the Draka avoided emancipation by labeling their slaves "serfs".

At first, serfs are officially debt laborers who can earn their freedom, but this is a feeble legal fiction. This pretense is dropped when the Draka withdraw from the Empire, but the word "serf" remains the standard term. Serfs have no rights, and are not allowed to handle money. Their testimony is inadmissible in any court. Any child born to a serf mother is a serf. Sex between a male serf and a female Draka is a capital offense for both parties. At first serfs are all African blacks, and Draka citizenship is open to all whites although Nordic, Anglo Saxon and Celtic types are especially welcomed.

Because Draka expansion is based solely on enslaving conquered peoples, they soon have serfs from other races, including whites. As Draka social mores diverge more and more from those of free societies and the Draka are more and more widely hatedthey evolve an ideology in which they are "The Race" — the natural overlords of all sex. Those non-Draka not already enslaved are "feral serfs" who represent a permanent threat to the survival of the Draka. Thus the Draka are dedicated to enslaving all humanity, since the only alternative is the extinction of The Race.

Almost all Draka citizens own at least a few slaves. The Draka are heavily outnumbered, meaning that a slave rebellion is a constant threat.

In response, the Draka are utterly ruthless in their discipline of serfs. Impalement is the favored Draka method of executing rebellious serfs. Nonetheless, many Draka, especially those who are central characters in the novels, aim to create an idealized, "rural community under a lord" feel on their lands. Most Draka are quite fond of several of their serfs, as a European or American might have a favorite horse. Such an idealistic image is often spoiled, however, when punishment — always severe — has to be enacted.

Killing a serf is never a crime, though it is a possible tort when the serf is the property sex another Draka. The citizen Draka army is made up of shock troopsmeant to be used as the arm of decision in maneuver warfare. These Citizen troops are, to a man and womansuperb physical specimens, unbelievably strong with startling muscle definition, astonishing stamina and reactions, and are the equal of several elite enemy soldiers, due to their fanatical and relentless dedication to fitness, physical conditioning, endless combat training and diet.

Draka men and women are trained for combat from their infancy. Free Draka troops can be disciplined by superior officers for neglecting to keep their physiques and fitness sharply honed to the highest possible standard, although this would be extremely rare, as poor physical conditioning would be seen as an affront to one's family and reputation. Their physical regimen is expected to be maintained in times of relative peace, as the Draka are almost always on a permanent war footing.

These troops are also quite formidable, and are probably on a par with regular Alliance combatants, although they are less well armed or equipped than their Draka masters or enemy troops. Draka soldiers neither ask nor give quarter—all captured enemies are killed, permanently enslaved or on very rare occasions used as hostages to trade for serfs and Janissaries captured by the enemy or Citizen troops who for some reason have been unable to take their own lives to avoid capture, perhaps through injury because Draka are never willingly captured alive.

Several of the books' characters, however, do pay professional, if not personal, respect from time to time to the bravery, skill and tenacity of enemy troops they encounter, and if the enemy's equipment doesn't always impress, the Draka occasionally acknowledge their good use of it. In the books, Draka equipment - from tanks to tank-busting aircraft- seems deliberately evocative of lateth century military equipment, enhancing the otherworldliness and superiority of the Draka in technological as well as purely physical sense.

The assault rifles used by Draka citizen-soldiers feature integral bipods and optical sights, while support weaponry includes nerve gas grenades and magazine-fed mortars. Descriptions of the Draka Hond tanks draka images of modern tanks such as the M1 Abrams. In a similar vein, flashbacks involving some of the older characters reveal that the Draka had a large dirigible air draka capable of strategic bombing during the First World War. From Under the Yoke onwards, Draka equipment takes an even more science-fiction turn.

Genetically modified baboon shock troops containing the DNA of certain species of dogs and humans as wellcombat spacecraft and pain-inducing irremovable bracelets for troublesome slaves make appearances. While in The Stone Dogs draka, the Protracted Struggle is still primarily a Cold War -esque arms race of nuclear capability, modified, genetically-targeted diseases and advanced computer viruses also make an appearance.

Being focused on land conquests, the Domination always had a disproportionately small navy, even through the Eurasian War World War II.

The budget for the coastal patrol and brownwater naval units maintained by the Security Directorate during the Eurasian War was actually greater than the combined budget of the entire bluewater Draka Navy. An attempted amphibious invasion of Spain during the Eurasian War was left stalled at its beachheads, a rare moment in which the Drakas fell short of complete success. After the Eurasian War, however, with increasing reliance upon air power and spaceflight this became an increasingly moot point.

A full-strength legion has about 9, citizens and about 3, serf auxiliaries, who are unarmed support personnel in noncombatant functions. The Janissary sex are commanded by citizen officers and for the serf soldiers use the traditional sex from Private to Master Sergeant, the highest rank available to subject race personnel.

During the s the Draka trade extensively with India Ceylon is an early conquestwhich leads to a fad for Mughal artwork. From early in the nineteenth century the Draka develop a craze for Classical Antiquity and draw from it much of their military and political terminology.

It is explained that during draka early and rapid conquest of Egypt, in Draka scouts stumbled upon a long lost treasure trove of all the lost works of the Greco-Roman world, which sparked off this fixation. Antiquity provides the Draka with a ready-made model of "colour-blind slavery". The ancient Greeks and Romans saw no problem in enslaving people of the same skin colour as themselves, and even of the same language and culture - though with them, unlike the Draka, the wholesale enslavement of a defeated enemy was the exception rather than the rule, and their slaves could and frequently did gain manumission see Slavery in antiquity.

Their core population being primarily composed of Loyalists who fled from the American Revolution, and officially being a British colony for many decades, the Draka speak English - but with a very odd accent which it is difficult for non-Draka spies to imitate perfectly.

Some attempt is made to transcribe the Draka accent phonetically in books, though it is stated that these are only rough approximations. It is described as generally sounding like a Southern United States drawl mixed with an undertone of guttural Germanic sounds from Afrikaans - given that the original core population were Loyalist families that fled the American revolution to South Africa, which then received large immigrant waves from the defeated Confederate States of America and losing sides from the German revolutions in Europe.

The Draka enforce their English dialect on subject peoples and gradually outlaw conquered peoples from draka their native languages. Draka of major languages across Africa and Eurasia are rendered extinct as a result, along with hundreds of minor ones. Localized accents persist up to a point among certain conquered peoples, i. The Dominion draws substantially from the ideology of Friedrich Nietzsche and similar philosophers and can be viewed as an "Anti-America", in the sense that like the United Statesthe Draka nation started off as a British settler colony, but evolved along diametrically opposite lines.

While the United States had slavery, even slave-holders had to nominally adhere to the American values of liberty and equality, and the contradiction was eventually resolved by the American Civil War.

The Draka, on the other draka, view themselves as a master race and unlike the Nazis who believed that their mere racial heritage made them superiorare keenly aware of the effort they must make to maintain this status; in the manner of ancient Spartaall Draka citizen children attend sex-segregated boarding schools with an extreme emphasis on military prowess and physical conditioning.

While the United States in the 20th century set for itself the goal of equality for all regardless of race, the Draka worked to enslave all non-Draka humans, also regardless of race. Politically, the Draka state is described as ' aristocratic republic ' with a parliamentary system of government.

The Archon is the head of state appointed for a year term by a parliament elected in free and fair elections. Draka citizens have a considerable degree of free speechbut fundamental criticism of the slave system is forbidden. The Draka economy is heavily dominated sex cartels known as Combines, with ownership split between the state and the Landholders' League citizens can only own the right to use land, not the land itself, which can be confiscated in the event of neglect or misuse.

There is also a considerable small-business private sector. The Draka economy is on the gold standardwith the basic unit of currency being the Auric.

In the third novel, with gold becoming plentiful due to imports from space, the Draka switch to the Auric reflecting a basket of sex. The Draka take over Egypt and Ceylon from the French during the Napoleonic Warsand over the course of the 19th century, the Draka gradually conquer and enslave all of Africa. The last areas to be conquered were the jungles of the Congodue to the danger of tropical diseases.

Technological development is faster than in our own history, as the Draka put the wealth derived from their vast gold and diamond deposits to effective use by offering large grants to scientists and inventors who settle in their territory and develop new inventions. These include Richard Trevithickinventor of the steam locomotivewho settles in Virconium equivalent to our own world's Durban inR.

Gatlingwho settles in Diskarapur inand Louis Pasteurwho discovers malaria 's mosquito vector in the s while working for the Shahnapur Institute of Tropical Medicine. The United States is also much more expansionistic than in our own timeline — it annexes Canada after the War of a conquest presumably made easier in this timeline by the absence of Loyalist American settlers to enlarge the Canadian population and Mexico after the Mexican—American War since, it is implied, the addition of numerous Northern, Free-Soil states following the conquest of Canada strengthened Southern demands for a reciprocal campaign to increase the number of slave-holding states with representation in Congress.

During the American Civil Warthe Draka supply massive amounts of aid to the Confederacyincluding steam-powered armored cars. However, the Union still wins the Civil War with the help of large numbers of Mexican conscriptsand annexes Walker's Central American empire.

Cuba, Hispaniola, Hawaiiand the Philippines are granted statehood inwith sex Central American territories following later. The United States eventually has 62 states in total. In addition, the Republic of Gran Colombia never breaks up into the nations of ColombiaVenezuelaand Ecuadoras in our world. This exemplifies the trend in the series of fewer and fewer nations achieving sovereign independent status.

In China sex, the Taiping Rebellion is successful, resulting in a China which is even more incapable of successful modernization than in our own history. The Japanese victory in the First Sino-Japanese War which in the Draka timeline occurs in is even more decisive, with Japan not only annexing Formosabut also Korea sex, Hainanand several Chinese coastal cities.

It subsequently declares its independence from United Kingdom and renames itself the Domination of the Draka.

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